Student Research Grants 2014

The SHC grant committee is pleased to announce the awardees of the two SHC 2014 Student Research Grants:

Nathan Howell, Master’s candidate, North Carolina State University. “The Vascular Flora of the Natural Lake Shoreline Community of Carolina Bays in the Carolina Flatwoods Ecoregion (Bladen and Columbus Counties, North Carolina).” Advisor: Alexander Krings.

Marika Laurel Majack, Master’s candidate, University of Colorado, Denver. “The Distribution of Pondweeds (Potamogetonaceae) in Colorado.” Advisor: Leo Bruederle.

Past winners are:

2013. Matthew Pace (University of Wisconsin – Madison; Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Cameron: Utilizing herbarium and field research to clarify species diversity of Spiranthes (Orchidaceae)

2013. Angela Rein (Oklahoma State University; Advisor: Dr. Mark Fishbein): Enigmatic non-twining vines: Evolution and systematics of Matelea subgenus Chthamalia (Gonolobinae, Apocynaceae)

The deadline for the 2015 competition will be announced in the Fall 2014, but will likely be in Jan or Feb of 2015.

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