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What we do

The Society of Herbarium Curators (SHC) is an international organization launched in 2005. The mission is to promote and expand the role of…

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The world’s biodiversity is currently at great risk, and those few centers of research excellence in systematics that are also associated with…

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Digitization of herbarium material involves the process of capturing data and images and storing them in digital form. Over the past 5 years …

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The goal of the U.S. Virtual Herbarium Project is to digitize all specimens in all US herbaria and make the resulting information freely available.

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How you can join

The society has more than 400 members worldwide in more than 30 countries. If you are interested in joining SHC or renewing your membership, please complete the Membership Application and mail, or email it to our Treasurer. We would also like to encourage you to also  Donate to our General Fund, which supports our student research awards, speakers and programs for the annual meeting.

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Call for Officers

President-Elect and Member-at-Large

The President-Elect will ultimately serve for 5 years (1 year as President-Elect then 2 years as President then 2 years as Past President)

2021 SHC Symposium

Theme: 'Not Your Average Specimen'

For 2021, we plan to highlight noteworthy specimens in our collections that help to engage stakeholders (administrators, school groups, etc.) towards broader understanding of the importance of herbaria. This could include talks on the challenges and opportunities surrounding unusual types of collections (e.g., economic botany, wood, slides, fruits).

A series of short, lightening-style talks (5 mins) in addition to a few longer (15min) as more traditional presentation. If you would like to give either a lightening (5 min) or presentation, please submit your idea online.