We support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Racism and other forms of prejudice are deep-seated, unresolved societal problems with a global reach. The recent acts of racial violence against the Black community in the United States are a hideous reminder of this. The Society of Herbarium Curators stands in solidarity with the Black community against racism and discrimination and more broadly, against all forms of societal injustice across the globe.

The Society of Herbarium Curators is committed to addressing inequalities in our field and working toward a future that more clearly embraces diversity on the whole. While the Society has made progress in this area through our Developing Country membership category, which has greatly increased diversity within the Society, there is much more to do. As a Society, we pledge long-term initiative and action toward combating discrimination, maltreatment, oppression, and violence against the many groups worldwide who have been targeted by repugnant acts of injustice and inequality. We ask for membership feedback and ideas on how we might achieve these goals. In the coming months, we will update the membership on what actions the Society is taking to achieve these goals.

Our mission, as The Society of Herbarium Curators, is made possible by, and strengthened through, our diverse members from around the world. We encourage each member to reflect upon and act against racism and other forms of injustice, no matter how subtle, within their own context, and to speak out within their institutions, families, and local communities.