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Many of you are already familiar with SHC and The Vasculum, whereas others may be reading it for the first time. Either way, thank you so much for supporting our Society! Before going further, let me apologize for the July issue being a bit late, but I wanted to make sure that we included any and all information regarding the annual meeting, which this year was held the last week of July in Boise, ID as part of Botany 2014. I trust that you will agree that the updates were worth the wait! As I con- clude my remarks, I once again ask that you consider penning an article for our “Featured Herbarium” section. Surely we must have members who are proud of their herbaria and wish to share information about them with the rest of us. Also, please contribute other items that you feel might be of interest to the herbarium community. This is one of the more important ways that you can help SHC to not only exist, but to thrive!

– Conley K. McMullen, James Madison University (

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