Full professor in Botany with a focus on systematics, taxonomy, and plant geography

Herbarium GB at the University of Gothenburg | Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Application closing date: October 31, 2022

Scientific Leader of Herbarium GB at the University of Gothenburg and Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

The position is as a professor of botany with a profile that includes taxonomy, systematics and plant geography.

The tasks include developing collaboration between the University of Gothenburg and the Gothenburg Botanical Garden, developing the roles of the activities in the mapping of botanical diversity, communicating the importance of herbaria and botanical gardens for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity to the general public, authorities, decision-makers and media, and to broaden research activities based on the amount of information that the collections and their metadata constitute. The duties include:

■ Conduct research and the scientific activities in general that are needed to maintain and develop the Gothenburg Botanical Garden and Herbarium GB at the University of Gothenburg as nationally and internationally strong institutions.

■ Lead and initiate various projects where digital accessibility is in focus so that the collections constitute a knowledge resource for researchers, the general public and stakeholders in society.

■ Actively apply for research grants, lead research groups, and supervise and examine doctoral students.

■ Teach at basic and advanced level at the University of Gothenburg.

■ Contribute to the availability of sufficient botanical expertise at the Herbarium and Botanical Garden and to the quality of scientific activities.

■ Contribute to the plant collections at Herbarium GB and the Gothenburg Botanical Garden meeting the current needs of research and society and constitute a resource for future needs.

■ Collaborate and create good relations with national and international actors such as natural history museums and research institutions, especially in the field of botany, and inform about research and development work nationally and internationally.

Furthermore, you are expected to participate in the university’s and the botanical garden’s activities and collaborate with the surrounding community, both in collaborative projects and in popular science activities.

You who do not have a university pedagogical education must undergo such within two years of admission to the employment. The university offers higher education pedagogical courses.

You should be able to teach in Swedish within two years. The university offers courses in Swedish.

For more details about the position see: https://web103.reachmee.com/ext/I005/1035/job?site=7&lang=UK&validator=9b89bead79bb7258ad55c8d75228e5b7&job_id=26009

To apply for this job please visit web103.reachmee.com.

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