Director of the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History

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The Director is the administrative head of the Museum with primary responsibility for leadership by offering new ideas and strategies for the future, working with staff and faculty toward a shared vision for the Museum, and by overseeing its management and financial operations. Candidates will be expected to have a thorough understanding of how natural history museums work as a research facility, cultural heritage organization, and public interface to science. The Director also serves as a teaching faculty member in the Graduate Program in Museum and Field Studies which is housed in the Museum. The Director will have a tenure home in a relevant department, with associated research and education duties, and may also serve as Curator in an appropriate section of the Museum based on experience and desire.

The University expects applicants to have an outstanding record of scholarly achievement that demonstrates a commitment to and leadership in research, training, and outreach activities. This includes supporting research and translating research findings to practitioners, policy makers, and the broader public that address local, regional, national, or international challenges. Applicants also should have a strong commitment and a demonstrated record of advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts within and beyond the Museum.

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