Austin Mast, President

Austin Mast,      President

Patrick Sweeney, President-Elect

Andrea Weeks

Andrea Weeks, Past President

Mary Ann Feist, Secretary

Mare Nazaire, Treasurer

Mare Nazaire, Treasurer


Austin Mast, Florida State University, amast@bio.fsu.edu, 2016–2018.

Patrick Sweeney, Yale University, patrick.sweeney@yale.edu, 2017–2018.

Andrea Weeks, George Mason University, aweeks3@gmu.edu, 2016–2018.

Mary Ann Feist, 
Wisconsin State Herbarium, mfeist@wisc.edu, 2015–2019.

Mare Nazaire, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, mnazaire@rsabg.org, 2016–2020.

Michael Thomas, Webmaster

Conley McMullen, Newsletter Editor

David Tank, Member-At-Large

David Tank,

Rich Rabeler, Member-At-Large


Michael Thomas, University of Hawaii, 2013 onward.

Newsletter Editor
Conley K. McMullen, James Madison University, mcmullck@jmu.edu, 2005–2017.
John Schenk, Georgia Southwestern University, jschenk@georgiasouthern.edu, 2017 onward.

Members at Large
Lucinda McDade, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, lucinda.mcdade@cgu.edu, 2015–2018.
Dave Tank, University of Idaho, dtank@uidaho.edu, 2016–2019.
Rich Rabeler, University of Michigan, rabeler@umich.edu, 2017–2020.

Standing Committees

Affiliate Society Liaison Committee
Lucinda McDade, Chair (as Member-at-Large in 3rd year), Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, lucinda.mcdade@cgu.edu, 2015–2018.
Two additional members TBA.

Auditing Committee
Steve Ginzbarg, Chair, University of Alabama, sginzbar@biology.as.ua.edu, 2017.
Deborah Lewis, Iowa State University, dlewis@iastate.edu, 2017.
Andrea Weeks, George Mason University, aweeks3@gmu.edu, 2017.

Herbarium Assistance Committee
Melissa Islam, Chair, Denver Botanic Gardens,  melissa.islam@botanicgardens.org, 2017–2020.
Barbara Thiers, New York Botanical Garden, bthiers@nybg.org, 2017–2020.
Travis Marsico, Arkansas State University, tmarsico@astate.edu, 2017–2020.

Membership Committee
Erica Krimmel, Chair, Chicago Academy of Sciences, ekrimmel@naturemuseum.org, 2017–2020.
Rick Williams, Idaho Museum of Natural History and Rocky Mountain Biological Lab, willcha2@isu.edu, 2017–2020.
Katelin Pearson, Florida State University, kds15e@my.fsu.edu, 2017–2020.

Nominating Committee
Andrea Weeks, Chair (as Past-President), George Mason University, aweeks3@gmu.edu, 2016–2018.
Lucinda McDade, Member-at-Large in second year, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, lucinda.mcdade@cgu.edu, 2015–2017.
Dave Tank, Member-at-Large in first year, University of Idaho, dtank@uidaho.edu, 2016–2018.

Grants Committee
Katherine Mathews, Chair, Western Carolina University, kmathews@email.wcu.edu, 2017–2020.
Mark Whitten, Florida Museum of Natural History, whitten@flmnh.ufl.edu, 2017–2020.
Abigail Moore, University of Oklahoma, abigail.j.moore@ou.edu, 2017–2020.

Ad Hoc Committees

Newsletter Editorial Committee 
Conley K. McMullen, James Madison University, mcmullck@jmu.edu, 2005–2017.
John Schenk, Georgia Southwestern University, jschenk@georgiasouthern.edu, 2017 onward.
Michael Thomas, University of Hawaii, mbthomas@hawaii.edu, 2013 onward.
Bryan E. Dutton, Assistant Editor, Western Oregon University, duttonb@wou.edu, until 2017.
Melinda Peters, Assistant Editor, Smithsonian Institution, mdpeters2@gmail.com, until 2017.


Southeastern U.S.
Richard Carter, Chapter Chair, Valdosta State University, rcarter@valdosta.edu
Brad Ruhfel, Chapter Chair-Elect, Eastern Kentucky University, brad.ruhfel@EKU.EDU

Past Presidents

Andrea Weeks, George Mason University, 2015–2016.
Alexander Krings, North Carolina State University, 2013–2014.

Michael Vincent, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 2011–2012.
John Nelson, University of South Carolina, 2009–2010.

Zack Murrell, Appalachian State University, 2007–2008.
Michael Woods, Troy University, 2006.