The Southeastern US Chapter of SHC was accepted in 2015, and is currently the only chapter of the society.  Membership in the chapter can be indicated on the society membership form.  The membership meeting of the chapter is regularly convened at the annual Association of Southeastern Biologists conference, where the chapter seeks to promote herbaria in the region and regularly sponsor a herbarium-relevant symposium.

Chapter President: Richard Carter (; Valdosta State University), 2016–2018
Secretary: Emily Gillespie (; Marshall University), 2016–2020

Executive Council Members at Large
Ashley Morris (; Middle Tennessee State University), 2016-2017
Travis Marsico (; Arkansas State University), 2016-2018
Kathy Mathews (; Western Carolina University), 2016-2019

Chapter Constitution
Chapter Bylaws
2016 Chapter Meeting Minutes

*If you would like to initiate a chapter of the society, please contact the current President of the society.*