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SHC Symposium Interest Survey

The Society of Herbarium Curators is developing a half-day symposium to encourage broader discussion and sharing among the membership about issues related to herbarium management, sustainability, and visibility. We are hopeful that many will participate as presenters and attendees of the symposium. Please help us plan this symposium and respond to this survey ( on…
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A Message from the President

Andrea Weeks, President Mid-summer greetings from N 38° 56.253’, W 77° 37.224’. Spring came late this year, and then rapidly transitioned to full-blown summer; this field-season has been particular productive. Green, growing and getting bigger is also a theme these days with SHC. I am pleased to report that Society of Herbarium Curators membership has…
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Discovery of Pot

Before prohibition, before many people even knew cannabis existed, scientists had to classify and categorize it botanically. Descriptions and samples from this time period generally go unnoticed by the public; so check out these old samples and descriptions of our favorite plant collected by courageous explorers who made sure they withstood the sands of time.…
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Red buckeye a beacon for hummingbirds

The flowers are appearing now. They develop in a branching panicle, arising from the tip of a branch. Each flower has a tubular, reddish calyx at the base, with bright red petals and some stamens, poking out of the end. Details….
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Send comments to US Dept. of Interior by March 5!

The US Department of Interior has proposed a new regulation that would require extensive annual reporting by all herbaria that maintain specimens collected on Federal lands. Comments from the public are being accepted until March 5.  The scope of this wide-ranging policy is detailed here: SHC will be submitting a letter urging the DOI…
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