2017 Strategic Planning Course

The goal of the “Strategic Planning for Herbaria” online course is to produce a short (3-5 page) strategic plan for each represented herbarium that includes the following elements: Vision, Mission, Strategies and Objectives, SWOT Summary, Sustainability, and Assessment and Evaluation.

The application period for the 2017 course has now closed.  Thank you for the enthusiastic interest in the course from the community.  We were able to accept less than half of the applicants for the course, deciding to stick with our stated plan to keep the initial offering of the course small to promote discussion.

We hope to offer the course again should it prove successful for the initial cohort of participants.  If you were not able to participate in the course, we encourage you to attend the 2017 Half-day Symposium on the same topic at Botany 2017.  We will be using our experience in the course to enrich and inform that opportunity.